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Why do you need a copywriter for your business?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Do you even need a copywriter? Can’t you just get by with auto-correct and some hustle? No, and the absence of a professional copywriter is palpable.

A copywriter writes advertising content to reach your customers and inspire action in purchasing your product or service. This skill is crafted and honed over years of education and experience. While some businesses think they can forgo using a copywriter for their advertising projects, it doesn’t take long for the results to show that they should have hired a pro to help hit the mark.

Here are 5 ways that a copywriter can help you:

1. ROI: The numbers don’t lie. Tech company and marketing platform Conductor studied content marketing and found that the impact early-stage, educational content has on brand affinity, trust, and conversion is definitive and provides a return on investment. Poorly managed social media and weak web site copy also have negative consequences on the survival stages of small businesses. All research suggests that copywriters likely pay for themselves.

2. Online traffic: Are you keeping up on search engine optimization (SEO) best practices which now change almost constantly? If not, then it is better to hire a pro who is fine-tuned to the changing whims of Google and Bing. The good ones keep up on search engine algorithm updates and know how to write copy that generates traffic turning into revenue for your business.

Furthermore, grammar not only matters in the overall professionalism and credibility of your brand (74% of web readers care about grammar and spelling) but also affects SEO. Google and other search engines use grammar and spelling criteria in their algorithms, so having errors can lower your website’s ranking and hurt traffic and therefore revenue.

3. Time: You don’t have it, so give the task to someone else. Wouldn’t you rather be spending the average 3 hours it takes to write website copy on something else? Work on your business development plan; toss a ball with the kid; do what you know and what you like.

4. Cohesive Voice: A professional copywriter knows how to work with the many hands on deck involved in creating and implementing a marketing strategy. Creative strategists, sales reps, digital gurus, videographers, and more can be at the roundtable discussing how best to push your business to the next level, so having an experienced, professional copywriter amongst the players can help keep the brand voice and messaging consistent and on target.

5. It’ll give you someone to blame! These are persuasive writing experts. If they aren’t persuading, then they aren’t succeeding. You’ll know by the dollars in your pocket. If revamping your web site with a copywriter is working, you will see the positive effects pretty soon, because it is copywriters who are trained and practiced to convince readers into making a purchase.

Value creation is vital from the beginning. While pinching pennies now on the frontend with content and copy might seem like a smart business move, you’ll pay on the backend with brand disintegration. Don’t sacrifice quality, time, and revenue for a nearsighted goal. Interview a copywriter to get your business on the right track and bring in more revenue.

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