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Love Your Location, But Not The House? All About Whole Home Remodels

Location is the most important factor when shopping for a home. It is the hardest thing, and usually not even an option, to change. The rest, virtually all of it, can be scrapped or altered. So, whether thirty minutes or thirty years ago, congrats on choosing a location you love. Now, let’s get excited about your tacky finishes, unworkable floor plan, or bland exterior, because those items can be changed! Roll up your sleeves and get dirty if you know how to renovate, but, if not, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Get Vision Having vision is a valuable skill that you can learn. It involves long periods of staring at empty space and obtrusive walls. Look to friends and family, TV shows, magazines, artwork, social media, etc., for inspiration and to grow your skill in having vision so that your whole house remodeling project is what you actually want. Get a pad of paper and a pen for scribbling ideas just for this project. Binders of magazine clippings are a more traditional way of growing inspiration, but a more recent trend is using Pinterest or Instagram to hone in on your desires. If you choose a show to watch, such as Property Brothers which often features RSU’s work, choose one that matches your projects and style. Ask for opinions from loved ones, if you dare, but remember to ‘take this with a grain of salt.’ Watch, learn, sit, stare, scribble. Visualize a more accurate idea of what you want at the end of your home remodeling process. Put that into words or in a sketch for your renovation professional to get a more accurate idea of what you want. They can then discuss with you what is and is not possible and give a closer pricing estimate. Price Tag You are making a sound decision by investing in and improving your home’s value, but being a steward of your hard-earned dollars is also an admirable and necessary trait. Choosing a trusted contractor and communicating early and regularly with the project manager is key to spending wisely. This is why having your vision mapped out early can also benefit you financially with keeping tabs on spending and timelines according to the original plan. It is unwise to give cash up front on a project- we all know a story where someone was left with incomplete services and lost out on money and time. Look for remodeling companies that not only guarantee exceptional products and services, but also offer financing options. This is not solely for people who need a little financial assistance but for all homeowners, regardless of monthly income flow, who do not want the professional relationship or project to end unhappily. Securing some type of financing will help sweeten and not sour the home remodeling experience.

Life During Remodel Realistic expectations are key to happiness. Ask your dedicated project supervisor for advice and tips on how to navigate your daily life in this process. Will you need to stay somewhere else? What have previous clients done to continue living life with as little interruption as reasonably possible? Are there any hazardous materials or conditions that will prevent you from using your home during the renovation? What additional costs will you incur, if any? How will they keep the work area safe for your family, you, and the workers? Discuss these types of questions and the project timeline with your dedicated project supervisor so that you have a more accurate idea of what to expect during this process. It is time to stop hating your home. Reach out to a contractor that you trust will treat you and your remodel with as much care as if it were their own home.

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