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How to Avoid a Holiday Party Mess

Holidays are a time for joy and cheer, whether with friends at work events or surrounded by family at home parties, but don’t let this season’s messy aftermath get you down. Follow these tips to have a happy and clean holiday party. Prep work A little forethought can save you hours of cleaning. Stock up on trash bags, wipes, paper towels, and cleaning sprays. Make sure you also have a broom and pan, mop, and vacuum. Keep these items on hand, with extras in a closet or under the kitchen sink. Organize the party areas to each have at least one waste basket, preferably near each “messy” station or the doorway. Placing an extra bag or two inside the bottom of the trashcan will make it easier for any helpers to lighten the load. Consider cheap, plastic tablecloths- they make a world of difference in clean-up. Plasticware is another time-saver for large crowds, but if using silverware and real plates, usually for a smaller group, let guests know where and how to dispose of their dirty utensils and plates. Neatly stacked dishes in the sink or, even better, in the dishwasher can shave loads of time later. Clean as you go Wiping spills and brushing crumbs as the event progresses is wise. Most guests will feel inclined to help if they see you cleaning and if cleaning supplies and waste baskets are nearby and visible. How you choose to prepare meals will also make a difference in cleaning time; try lining pans with foil and crock pots with plastic lining bags. Insist that guests take their dishes with them when they leave- one of the biggest headaches is cleaning others’ dishes and then finding the opportunity to return them to their owners. Wrap their dishes in a grocery bag and set it on the table with their names on them. Let them know you appreciate their cooking and help in keeping the vicinity clean. Delegate Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially during the holidays. People understand and want you to enjoy the party as well. Kindly request assistance and divvy up jobs, such as emptying trash, loading the dishwasher, sweeping floors, clearing tables, etc., but be sure to thank them

genuinely and maybe even publicly at the event. Get the kids involved with smaller jobs, such as throwing away trash, drying dishes, and relining the trash receptacle. If you find that this event may be too large for you to handle the cleaning, or if you just want peace of mind and to focus on the party more than the mess, consider calling the professionals. RCH Professional Cleaning Company are “the ones to call that do it all,” so you can gift yourself a merry and clean holiday by letting us take care of it.

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