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Bedroom Renovations: Creating the Master Suite You Deserve

It is arguably one of the most important rooms in the house. The bedroom and en suite bathroom is supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation, but instead, for some, this place to which they retreat for approximately one third of their lives is not the sanctuary they desire. We can change that. Considering a master bedroom remodel is a self-serving project, and rightfully so. Everyone deserves a place to find solitude, tranquility, and rejuvenation, especially the head of household. What good are you to the people in your life if you are not your best? A master bedroom make-over is something that is sure to improve the quality and, knowing the link between sleep and health, even the quantity of your nights and days. Personality Your bedroom should reflect your style. This room is where you will revitalize regularly to take on the new day. There are countless personality quizzes, such as this one from HGTV, that let you know what kind of bedroom best suits your nature. You can take multiple online quizzes to determine your own concept of your perfect bedroom or you can speak to a design expert. Their knowledge and skill in creating this space of refuge can do better than any random survey. Choose a contractor for this renovation who has a design team with an extensive portfolio. Meet with the team and assess if they can achieve the bedroom of your dreams. Function Style and function should work hand in hand. During this design process consider your daily activities. Do you prefer to read in a comfy chair or sit in something sturdy while you put on your shoes? Do you need complete darkness to fall asleep or is a little transient light needed to make it to and from the bed in the middle of the night? Do you sleep with someone or are you one of the 25% who report sleeping alone? These are just some examples of questions to give you an idea of what daily habits you can review with your designer. Your bedroom needs to reflect you and your habits, but it must also help you carry out its most important function- sleep. Finding the perfect mattress and bed to suit is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Read plenty of reviews, ask friends and family, and choose a mattress with a return policy so if you find that it just isn’t working out, no sleep lost. In a 2012 Bedroom Poll by the National Sleep Foundation, most respondents reported they felt that many elements of the bedroom do affect their sleep. This shouldn’t be a surprise- everything from our mattress to the number of pillows to the type of curtains affect our perception of our bedroom and therefore affect our daily functions in that room. Color, lighting, noise-level, temperature, and air quality are design elements that can hinder or promote a healthy night’s sleep, so ask your designers how they plan to incorporate each into your new haven of comfort.

Bottom line is to know the importance of a good bedroom and a good night’s rest. Choose your mattress and design team carefully, and look forward to coming home to a space that is uniquely yours and there solely to help you be your best self.

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