Athena's Warriors: The Storytellers

Let’s pretend you’re on stage…

with a crowd of 25-35 people in a tightly packed room staring at you.

Your job is to tell them a story…

Something you’re sure that only two, maybe three, of them care about.

You’re passionate about this story, and your success at your job is tied to all of these people learning it.

Why are these other people even here then?

They have to be. By law.

And here’s the real catch-

You care about each and every one of these people. You’ve learned about their lives outside of these walls, and over time you’ve developed a bond. You want them to succeed so much.

Not making anything easier, you’re each masked (yes, you’ll be speaking from stage in this mask). This virus is new and has many unknowns, but, so far, the news isn’t good.

You’re afraid for Christina who lives with her elderly and sickly grandparents, the only parents she has.

You’re afraid for Tavius who has already missed two weeks from being sick. His grades slipped, but he still desperately wants to play football. His mom emails you weekly, worried.

Whether they know it or not, each person in the room has a story of how the pandemic has or could hurt them.

Many of your coworkers have gotten sick, and two in your workplace have died.

You’re a teacher, and this is real for so many, as it was for me. Classes are packed, protocols are out the window, and schools are fire-blasting a candle that was already burning at both ends. You’re a teacher and you’re burnt. Mind, body, and spirit melted.

This was me.... bravely creative, fiercely empathetic, master of content, but done. After 12 years, I resigned on October 30, 2020. I cried in front of each class I had to tell that I was leaving.

We couldn’t hug. I got angry, hurt looks. I got lots of questions, and some wrote me notes.

I rested and recovered for almost a year from this traumatic stint in my career. During that time, I realized that I am a storyteller, and I still have more to tell.

So I founded Athenian Communications and began copywriting, telling stories that pay.

Teachers are resilient. We are warriors for our kids. But like Athena, we are also wise warriors… I haven’t forgotten my kids or fellow teachers.

A mass exodus is already underway in education. I want Athenian to grow to be a place where educators can find freedom, trust, community, and get paid while still doing the content they love.

Sure- we will miss our kids, but we have to sound the alarm bell. Then, and only then, will our kids finally be put first- when there is no other option.

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