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Athenian Communications

What is Athenian?

Athenian provides critical copywriting support for marketing and advertising agencies and their clients. 


How does it work?

My years of experience behind the lines of teaching reading and writing allow for a rare, broad, empathetic angle that yields traceable, positive outcomes through excellent communications. 

No associate or intern will be handling your projects- just me. I take few clients so that I can devote the time and personal attention that you and your clients deserve. This is the way Athenian creates storytelling that pays.

Let's get in touch to discuss how my extensive background in writing and empathetic strategy can produce the results you need to wow your clients.

Why the name?

My family's home and my office are in a small pocket near Columbia, Tennessee, called Athendale, just a short drive to Nashville and the full-scale, breathtaking replica of the infamous Parthenon.


Nicknamed The Athens of the South, Nashville has that undeniable magnetism that keeps it as a hub of the arts and education. Known more famously as The Country Music Capital, Nashville flourishes with artistic expression. Here, I thrive as a writer within a diverse network of local inspiration, atop a longstanding foundation of the classics, and with my ear tuned to the storytelling soul of America.

The place, the people, the art and education- the vibe- it's no wonder that it is here that I found home, peace, inspiration, and Athenian.

Jill Kirk

Founder of Athenian Communications

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